Transitioning to Spring

black sheath, teal necklace, turquise necklace

This is my first post in over a week, and I am a little embarrassed! I had to travel to South Florida for work, and I just couldn’t find the time to tend to my blog. Since today is the first day of spring, I wanted to share a post on transitioning work wear from winter to spring by introducing little pops of color. This black sheath is a known favorite of mine by now, but, here, I have it dressed up for spring. This teal necklace from BaubleBar is the perfect length, and it comes in several other colors, including mint, periwinkle, and a deep purple. I liked the teal best, because it goes well with my eyes and so many other colors.

black sheath, teal necklace, turquise necklace

Now that it is officially spring, I’ll start wearing brighter colors both to work and on the weekends. Weekend wear is much more fun and colorful, but I now, at thirty, feel much more comfortable adding color in at the office, too. I wouldn’t wear it to a big meeting, however, especially with clients, but on a regular, office day, I’ll add it in to my wardrobe.

black sheath, teal necklace, turquise necklace

I used to never wear bright colors in the office. I wouldn’t even paint my nails a non-neutral color or wear a non-neutral lipstick, because I thought it was unprofessional. I work in finance, which can be a more conservative, old-fashioned industry as far as apparel is concerned. Suits are often the norm, and traditional wear is often best. I had always heard and read that as a business professional, you should only wear black, navy, or grey suits with black, patent leather shoes and a nice watch, and carry a simple, black bag.

pink nails, opi can you spare a french quarter, tassel bag

Over the years, I think this has changed a little. More firms are now business casual during the week, and I see more men and women wearing more color. I think some of this influence comes from the younger workers in the office, who are a little less traditional and like to dress a little more comfortably. I used to disagree with the new trend, but as time goes on, I like the change, and look forward to sharing my new, colorful take on office style!

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